There are some considerations to take into account to make the most of this resource:


This StUI gives access to a majority of the resources associated with the World History Textbook.


Each Chapter has a number of attached files for various purposes:


The Chapter Thought contains the entire text of the chapter. Each Chapter Section then has the specific pages split out and attached.


                - All pages are enhanced to allow for Comments and Markups.


Attached to the Left of each Chapter Thought are  Summative resources when available:


- Review: These are elements from before and after the chapter to help you. Presently they include: 

  • Concept Connectors: Proposes essential questions and connections for the chapter.
  • Vocabulary: Reviews concepts and Vocabulary from the Chapter
  • Knowledge Check: End of Chapter Assessment from the Textbook
  • After You Read: Document Based Questions to test you application of information from the chapter. 



By the way, the image in the background is the reading room at the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. They students refer to it as the "Harry Potter" library.