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Discovery Dialogues are a gentle, self-paced and self-directed process of inquiry and reflection that will allow you to: 

♦ gain deeper insight into your fundamental and essential identity,

♦ discover and explore more of your full potential, and

♦ transform the energies associated with troubling thoughts and emotions.


For individuals involved in neural retraining, the dialogue process provides a unique opportunity to:

♦ embrace and transform your experience;

♦ deepen your insight into the connection between body, mind and emotion; and

♦ infuse your neural retraining practice with energy, clarity and a spirit of possibility.


Learn more about the integrated insights upon which the Discovery Dialogue process is based:

Epiphany: Gift of Light

My Dramatic Recovery

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Prior to submitting payment for your initial individual session, please fill out the TNR waiver, and then sign, scan and email it to: support (at)

> Please note that, due to circumstances beyond our control, access to the TNR training program is temporarily unavailable, and no login email address will be required on your waiver. (Learn more)

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Individual Sessions (Available now)
Please Note: Each session is 90-minutes long, and discounted pricing is provided when multiple sessions are purchased at one time:

Schedule Your Session

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Individual Sessions Recorded (50% Discount)

If you would like your video coaching session to be recorded, and if you are willing to share this video recording with others in a private coaching archive, the cost of each 90-minute session will be reduced by 50% since this will allow more people to benefit from the Discovery Dialogue process.

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Group Sessions (Coming soon)

If you are interested in group coaching, please join the TNR mailing list now -- and then let me know via email which of the following group coaching formats you would prefer:
♦  group video coaching or
♦  group coaching provided in an online forum or
♦  a combination of both.

You will automatically be notified through the TNR mailing list when new group coaching opportunities are available.

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