TNR Program Update (March 2020)

I am delighted to announce the public release of the updated TNR program will soon be available within my new online platform This updated version of the TNR program will be freely and openly available, without cost or registration. 

Be sure to join the TNR mailing list now to receive updates on the gradual release of these free, public access resources which are being provided now to support you in creating or enhancing your own customized approach to neural retraining

In the meantime, you can also review a sampling of the topics that will soon be included in this free neural retraining program. 

In addition, you can review more details about the 2 signficant discoveries upon which DiscoveryNow and the TNR program are based:

Epiphany: Gift of Light

Dramatic Health Recovery

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Discovery Dialogues

if you are interested in discovering the power of neuroplasticity and/or exploring the experience of awakening, you are welcome to schedule an Insight Mentoring or Neural Retraining session. 

Individual sessions are available now, and new group sessions will be available soon.

See for more details.




TNR Update & New Program Preview (December 2018)
I am in the process now of updating the TNR program to share a broader collection of resources that will support us all in exploring:

♦ the nature of the human experience,

♦ the process of awakening into an deeper awareness and understanding of who we are, and

♦ the power of neuroplasticity and neural retraining to enrich and transform our lives.

If you are interested in learning more, join the TNR mailing list now. When this new program is available, you will automatically be notified.

Please Note: Existing TNR subscribers who have lifetime access to the TNR program are still able to access the original training program now, and they will automatically be able access to the new training program here as soon as it is released.

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With my thanks again for your interest,

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