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Defense Contract Management Agency
Contractor Purchasing System Reviews
Contracts Directorate DCMA-INST 109
OPR: DCMA-AQ November 28, 2012
1. PURPOSE. This Instruction:
a. Cancels DCMA Instruction, “Consent to Subcontract/Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)” (Reference (a)) and establishes Contractor Purchasing System Reviews (CPSR) as a stand-alone Instruction.
b. Is established in compliance with DoD Directive 5105.64 (Reference (b)).
c. Implements Department policy pursuant to references on pages 3 and 4.
d. Establishes policies, assigns responsibilities, and provides procedures for performing contractor purchasing system reviews.
2. APPLICABILITY. This Instruction applies to all DCMA activities unless higher-level regulations, policy, guidance, or agreements take precedence (e.g., International (DCMAI) and Specials Programs (DCMAS) activities).
3. MANAGERS’ INTERNAL CONTROL PROGRAM. This Instruction contains internal management control provisions that are subject to evaluation and testing as required by DCMA Instruction (DCMA-INST) 710, “Managers Internal Control Program” (Reference (c)). The process flowchart is located at Appendix A.
4. RELEASABILITY - UNLIMITED. This Instruction is approved for public release.
5. PLAS CODE. 094 – Consent to Subcontracts/CPSRs
7. EFFECTIVE DATE. By order of the Director, DCMA, this Instruction is effective immediately.
Timothy P. Callahan
Executive Director

P3 - Drill


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1.1. POLICY. It is DCMA policy that:
1.1.1. An Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) shall determine if a contractor meets the regulatory requirements identified in FAR 44.302(a) (Reference (d)) for a purchasing system review.
1.1.2. If the requirements of Reference (d) are met, the ACO shall initiate a review of the contractor’s purchasing system.
1.1.3. Upon the completion of a purchasing system review, the ACO shall determine whether the purchasing system has significant deficiencies.
1.1.4. Before disapproving a contractor’s purchasing system, the ACO shall obtain higher level review from the Contractor Business Systems Review Panel in accordance with DXCMA-INST 131, “Contractor Business systems” (Reference (e)).
1.1.5. If an ACO does not agree with a CPSR recommendation from a functional specialist, the matter shall be brought before an appropriate Board of Review.
1.1.6. If a contractor’s purchasing system is determined to have significant deficiencies, the ACO is responsible for issuing a decision to disapprove a contractor’s purchasing system.
1.1.7. The ACO’s decision to disapprove a contractor’s purchasing system, and to implement contract payment withholds, shall be governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and DCMA Instructions.
1.1.8. The ACO shall conduct annual surveillance and determine whether another purchasing system review is needed, at least every 3 years, after a contractor’s purchasing system has been reviewed the first time.
1.1.9. The ACO shall evaluate corrective actions reported by a contractor and then issue an appropriate follow-up decision of approval or disapproval of the contractor’s purchasing system in accordance with Reference (e).
1.1.10. The ACO shall follow proper tracking and reporting requirements (as found in Reference (e)) to account for the status and outcomes of contractor purchasing system reviews.