Learn.  Discover.  Teach.  Repeat.


This is the work-in-progress plex for the book "Mastering mental ray".  The final plex is to be published April 20th, 2010, and will be available at www.webbrain.com and as a free download to the mental ray and 3ds Max Design community at www.mastering-mentalray.com.


Using the Personal Brain Plex:


Each 'text bubble' is a thought, and thoughts are connected into a "plex", which is a neural network of related thoughts.


Hovering over the tiny image in topic's thought, in this case the "Mastering mental ray" home thought, will bring up a larger image related to that subject or setting.  In this case it is the navigation icons found in the upper-left corner of the Brain window:   These navigation buttons allow you to go backwards through thoughts you've already visited, forward again if you've gone backwards already, to the Home topic, and to control the style of the plex and level of detail in surrounding thoughts.  Windows users can also use the back and front buttons on mice with those additional buttons.


Try switching the view style from Normal to Expanded with the plex button, and then press the Plus button to expand the level of detail.


In the lower-left of the plex is the search window.  Typing in a subject will bring up all thoughts with those words.  Content in each chapter is color coded to help sort out thoughts, and many thoughts are tagged with additional information, such as version support.  Searching for a topic of interest is a good place to start and then wander through related thoughts.


Until the final release, many thoughts are placeholders used as an outline for the book.  More content will be added regularly as the book develops, and as the release date gets closer.


Jennifer O'Connor, Author.  www.mastering-mentalray.com