Here's a short tip, and I'm sure others are already doing this, but it was a bit of a personal revelation to me. I'm a tad slow, what can I say. ;)


The home button is the easiest way to activate a specific thought. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts in Options > Preferences > Accelerators, but that requires pressing two buttons at the same time (gasp), whereas Home is a quick mashed button away.


Previously I assigned the Home button to the "Home thought" of my brain. What I considered to be the start. However, it makes much more sense to set the home thought to your most frequently accessed or needed thought. For example, mine is set to the current week thought, where I attach everything for that week. Your most used thought may be a currently thought, or perhaps an inbox thought. Either way, if you don't already do this (all one of you), it's easy to do. Just right-click the thought and choose Set as Home Thought (or if you change home thoughts like I do assign it a keyboard accelerator). You may find it reduces the friction in accessing your information.