I started using PersonalBrain when version 3 was out, but didn't start using it in earnest until 4 was released. This isn't as long as some (there frequenters on the forum who have used it since 1.x), but I consider myself a power user. I'm also a software dabbler, and have tried multiple different information management applications on both Windows and OS X. Around a year ago my notes became seriously corrupted, and while support was able to recover some, it was never the same again. Just over a month ago now it became apparent that the database had some severe integrity issues. Thoughts would synchronize incorrectly between both my machines, and some information was downright incorrect. I decided to start again from scratch, and without copying thoughts over (in case it carried over it's corruption). I believe some of this corruption may have started unnoticed when I used DropBox to sync back in version 4.x and 5.x, and perhaps while I was testing Beta releases. As far as I can tell, this level of corruption is extremely rare, but I've had the occasion to ask myself why do I continue to use the software and have tested multiple other applications to see if they met my needs. They didn't.

Since I've been asking myself why I continue to use TheBrain, I thought I'd share my answers.


First though, to be fair I'd like to talk about what I don't like.