Bridging the Gap

Ok, I lied. There's sort of a fourth area of my database that links my Work and Personal, and sometimes the Knowledgebase. 


I have a thought for each year, and then a child thought for each week of that year. The thoughts are formatted as "YYYY-MM-DD to YYYY-MM-DD", so an example would be 2010-11-29 to 2010-12-05. Using this format sorts the thoughts in date order correctly, and when I'm working with multiple date periods I've found Outline View to be absolutely fantastic. I also add the prior week and the next week as jump thoughts to the current week. This gives me quick access to the weeks I usually want to access most, and an easy way to navigate through the year. 

I decided to use weeks instead of days because days seemed to granular, it didn't give me the overview of the week I wanted, and required too much drill down, where more than a week and there were too many child thoughts. If you think about implementing something similar, this may or may not work for you, but it's worth trying different time frames to see what really works before settling on one.


At the start of each week, I pin that weeks thought. Then when I have a project I'm working on I add this weeks thought as a parent. If I have a meeting, this weeks thought is added as a parent. If I purchase a program, or research a present, it gets added to the week. 


I've found this is one of the most powerful things I've implemented in PB. It provides me a very quick way to see what I'm working on, and is a good jumping off place for the workday, but there's an additional benefit that I've come to appreciate more and more over time. Now, any time I activate a project or task thought, I can see when I've worked on it. I also have the option to browse back through the year and see when I did X, or completed Y. Seeing as my own memory is generally spotty on tracking time frames, this has proven to be invaluable.