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Mass Surveillance News

Supranational orgs vying for world dominance through crime and mind control

Is 19A0s an aesthetic--a meditation and saudade for a timeless era that resists reboot; is it really a lost decade--of course not, it doesn't fit consensus reality timeline: but why then does it *feel* like it does.  What is behind the 'truthiness' of boingboing's article that launched a million ships of retrofuturism, inspiration into the very nature of cryptohistoriographic cultural critique around that era of 1977-1983, which is very damn specific!

It is my hypothesis, which I will be testing within this brain, that american culture had some kind of collective seizure and then a rapid 'correction' to a specific trajectory that was set forth by cultural engineers.  In other words, by 1977 culture had diverged so far from their direction that by 1979 or 1980, efforts were quickly put in place to 'course correct'.  So then the questions are as follows:

1) what was the original and then the corrected trajectory of the cultural engineers?
2) how would you characterize culture to be a 'divergent' trajectory, and why
3) what happened around 79-80 that stimulated a course correction culminating in retracking by 1983 to the original course?

I hypothesize the answer to 1) is  fascist corporatism that is invisble to the public.  The 'society of the spectacle', where people have a "sunken cost fallacy" (thx Noel) in their justification for a system that is inherently unfair, simply because it's already there, it's working, the alternatives cause high anxiety, and such a system punishes everyone equally leading to the american way of life being 'the cost of doing business'. This is the false basis of american exceptionalism and national pride, jingoism towards other modalities of governance

2) The divergent course was the disco era and the psychedelic movement, both created as both a social experiment in drug use, human potential and occultism as well as an establishment-preserving ploy to derail the human antiwar movement of the 60s.  It was nazi science (artichoke / mkultra) being used as a hegelian ploy to arrest any dissent against Nixon and the war; but strangely, the peaceniks using psychedelics within the esalen intelligencia / academia truly believed that LSD and the psychedlic altered state could enable them to 'augment their consciousness and stop the bomb'.  Indeed the bomb WAS stopped.  People don't know this but operation duck hook was Nixons plan to drop a nuke on N. Vietnam: he didn't.  Peacnik acidheads constellating Leary believe they stopped it with their minds, by 'willing Nixon to stand down'.  This is a piece of history utterly missed by mainstream thought.  You can't prove a negative, so no one will ever know if LSD stopped the bomb. 

By 1977, the war had ended by several years but there was then an interest in gnosticism, human potential, in Velikovski's book 'world in collision' (the ancient aliens of their time) in which he believed the myths were astrotheological explanations for cosmic activity.  He believe Saturn was the original sun, illuminating earth from nearby, and was hit and relocated in the solar system; he also believed venus was an offshoot of gas giant jupiter--there is actually some evidence for this one!  The saturn thing is much less believable

There was an interest in cults; but also much reportage of copycat murders and serial killers, which we now know to be psychological operations by the us government (manson, son of sam, aquarius killer, dahmer, etc---all were state sponsored domestic terror)  There was a blackout in 1977 in NYC that caused poor people to loot, and gave the news an excuse to blame black people and had the effect of undermining efforts of the peace and civil rights movements to unify racial communities.  In the 70s, blacks and progressive liberal whites got along and intermingled FAR more than they do today.  There were pool halls and dance clubs where people interacted more.  You don't see this trend at all today: communities are divided geographically (neighborhoods) and by their activities, their music and their concerns.

Yoga was bigger and men did it as well, vegetarianism and 'new age' concepts were big at this time.  There were obvious distractions but during this time, a type of futuristic aesthetic emerged as the personal computer revolution blasted off at this time and the beginnings of CGI were starting to inspire people in advertising and in film


Mixtape of the Lost Decade