1: Leo and Sun (Chaldean and Pythagorean) [Yang]

2: Cancer and Moon (Chaldean and Pythagorean) [Yin]

3: Sagittarius and Jupiter (Chaldean); Taurus, Libra and Venus (Pythagorean)

4: Aquarius and Uranus (Chaldean); Capricorn, Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus (Pythagorean)

5: Gemini, Virgo and Mercury (both)

6: Taurus, Libra and Venus (Chaldean); Sagittarius and Jupiter (Pythagorean)

7: Gemini, Virgo and Mercury (Chaldean); Pisces and Neptune (Pythagorean)

8: Capricorn and Saturn (both)

9: Scorpio and Pluto (Chaldean); Mars and Aries (Pythagorean)

11: Pisces and Neptune (Pythagorean); Chaldean does not assign planets to Master numbers

22: Aquarius and Uranus (Pythagorean); Chaldean does not assign planets to Master numbers




NUMBERS (via Jonny Enoch):

1 - (Ace) - new beginnings, creativity, and will power

2 - partnerships, trust, choices, and balance

3 - mastery, completion, advancement

4 - hard work, achievement, stability

5 - adventure, passion, travel

6 - growth, learning, and protection

7 - spirituality, mysticism, and healing

8 - new opportunities, good fortune and abundance

9 - number of Christ, and also represents attainment, vision, inventions, and influence

10 - One too many. The cycle is ending. A new cycle is about to begin.




NUMBERS (via Doelow Da Pilotman):

1 -  Self

2 -  Someone around you

3 -  Location/surroundings

4 -  Ideas/concepts about surroundings

5 -  Feelings/Emotions about surroundings

6 -  Creations around surroundings

7 -  Wisdom/Advice about attention

8 -  Time/Indulgence pay attention you need to detach

9 -  Completion of something



NUMBERS (via Sasha Fenton):

1 - (Ace) - start of something new, which may result from a stroke of fate or a personal decision

2 - relating with others and this may be business or personal life

3 - creative new enterprises or losses, and these often involve others as well as yourself

4 - safety, security, and relief from problems

5 - challenges which may be desired or result from loss

6 - conclusions to minor matters, also useful turning points

7 - some confusions and decisions based on the reality of a situation

8 - freedom and restriction, plus decisions that need action

9 - situations that are either comfortable or uncomfortable

10 - Outcome of a situation will be either a complete success or an utter failure








slightly biased article yet good food for thought:



"The basic astrological numbers are three and four. Three is considered to be a divine number. It resolves the polarity represented by the number two. Four is considered to be a material number and the square with its four corners is thought to be the archetypal symbol of the mundane sphere. When three and four are added the result is seven, the number of classical planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn). Four times seven is 28, the number of days the Moon takes to orbit the Earth once, and roughly the number of years that Saturn takes to orbit the Sun. It takes Uranus seven years to pass through one sign of the zodiac and twelve times seven (84) years to pass through all the signs. Three times four is twelve, the number of signs of the zodiac and the total number of houses in a horoscope, but also the number of years Jupiter takes to make one orbit of the sun."