Welcome, this is a prototype test version of James Burke's Knowledge Web (video overview).  It includes only the very basic functions.

The fully developed version will have three tools (input and display) that all work together:  1) a web view (see above) to see the relationships, 2) a timeline to know when you are (e.g., Chronozoom), and 3) a map to know where you are (also tours of historical sites).  This user interface might look more like this:

The basic interface would also include a "breadcrumb" trail of your visits, which you could save and share.  We also have some "best of tours" created by James and others on the team, call Mystery Tours.  Try some!  Eventually we will also add virtual reality historical worlds to visit (example Virtual Harlem, video).

If you have questions, suggestions, or want to help, please contact Patrick McKercher patmck13@gmail.com

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