If you've accessed this thought from an external link and there's a URL in this Notes field you can activate it to jump to the news story or web site we were pointing to. Or you can explore the document we were pointing to. You're also free to click around for fun. Small green circles around other thoughts tell you there unseen thoughts attached as "children" (below) "parents" (above) or "jumps" to the right. But we know the Climate Web can seem intimidating until you've come up its short learning curve. The best way to do that is to start at www.theclimateweb.com. There's lots of help as well as audience pages to bring you up the short learning curve.


Why bother? The Climate Web is an open-access collective climate change intelligence based on 20,000 hours of expert curation. It can help you explore any climate change topic and save you a lot of time! And if there is an answer to climate change, it's probably in the Climate Web! So we invite you to learn more!