William Nordhaus has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics, at least in part for his work on integrating climate change into economic thinking. As you can see in these materials Nordhaus has been working on this topic for a long time. He published a major book on the topic in 2013: Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty and Economics. While Nordhaus has worked hard to push the need for integrating climate change into economic thinking, his work also points to the problem of using economic tools to tackle climate change. In Climate Casino, for example, he illustrates the results of applying cost-benefit analysis to the problem of climate change, concluding that 2.3oC of temperature change may be economically optimal. But applying cost-benefit analysis to climate change is very tricky, and most scientists would argue that 2.3oC of climate change would be very dangerous. You can see some of Nordhaus' thinking in the thumbnail thoughts , as well as more of his work including a video and news story. You can also click through any of the thoughts to access much more information.