Out The Window is a powerful piece of theatre that charts playwright Liza Balkan‘s multi-year journey through the justice system and beyond after coming forward as a witness to an event involving the death of a man during an altercation with the police. The man’s name was Otto Vass, and Liza witnessed his final moments from her apartment window in August 2000.

Out The Window’s development and evolution has at times mirrored the many twists, turns, surprises, and complexities of the very issues it explores.  As a result, the abundance of material generated can be mind boggling. What to do with all of this source material?

The idea behind the online brain is two-fold:

1) Create an online visualization of the huge web of information currently existing in its totality only in Liza’s brain;

2) Provide open source access to members of the audience where they can interact with the show’s content before and after the show itself. Its existence has also begun to inspire some design aesthetics for the Theatre Centre presentation.