Red is for people with definite links to MKULTRA

Green is for organisations with definite links to MKULTRA


Orange is for people and organisations that can be shown to have been significantly associated with documented aspects of MKULTRA eg. extensive LSD experimentation etc, and/or attendance at the MKULTRA linked Cybernetic Macy Conferences and / or associated with documented non-consensual experimentation.


Aqua is for people closely involved in the British NCDS Survey.


Mauve is for The Royal Medico Psychological Association and its committees, officers etc


Yellow is for other main menu headings, Green for MKULTRA projects and fronts.


Please note - inclusion in this mindmap does not in any way imply guilt or necessarily mean a person is linked to MKULTRA.  Many names included belong to upstanding, admirable individuals


Under construction - this mindmap currently shows just a small percentage of the documentation and the links between individuals, organisations and the institutions I have discovered.  If you have information to share, particularly with a view to exposing covert eugenic population studies, non-consensual human experimentation or psychiatric atrocities committed on vulnerable groups then youcan contact me at to include the information here.