This brain is for research on the inspirational material of GW imbedded in his commentaries on the Yi King. Extracts are based on the linked pages.

For those who are interested in translating the Ming dialect you will find a translator here - or use the dictionary embedded in Book Chameleon 2nd Edition.  Furthermore, Breck's website describing some of the other CFR material can be found here including artwork & the cube. The YiKing stuff is here. The splash home page is here. A concordance of the Ming dictionary of English words is here. A concordance of the CFR's poetic lines of the YiKing is here. And finally, since Book Chameleon contains some material from Liber Legis here is a concordance of LL.

A spreadsheet Map of the Hexes with coloration for the four elements: Fire, Air, Water & Earth & the base meaning of the character of the Hex is here as per ZZ v2 pg 218.  The question I had in mind is:  In the context of change is the YiKing balanced & complete as far as human being?

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There is a concordance of the extracted commentary at . It is preliminary but can give you a feel of the cloud. The tags I created are only ~250; the concordance has all the words and tokens.

 Note as of this writing the concordances work better in Firefox. Some tags still don't show up in the searches or on the nodes. Note also that there is a full Tai Shu commentary on the hexagrams here.

Index of /media/hexscans
Map of the Hexes - Google Docs