FSGW Bylaws



The Society must be operated solely to further the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk arts.


Read Me once, please

This site is an aid for planning and documentation for the FSGW web design project. This is NOT a sample of the web site, current or proposed.

The FSGW link is a map of the society itself, a form of organizational chart that includes more than just the people. It is intended to be the model, "reality", which will help determine the architecture of the new web site. We're redesigning a web site that encompasses all the business of FSGW. We should start by being clear about what FSGW is.

If you're adventurous, just start clicking around. Center is focus, above it is what it's part of, below are parts of it, sideways is neither, but related. Use the search box and the quick links at the top of the blue. Come back here when you want more info.

There are mistakes and omissions. Please send them or any questions requests, or comments to web@fsgw.org, the compiler, or webdesign@fsgw.org, which copies all members of the committee. 

Now, if this is a first visit, scroll down to "So you don't get lost" for details about how this works.


Here is the link to the home page of The Folklore Society of Greater Washington, if that was your intended "destination". 

So you don't get lost

  • Top: Bookmarks (consider "FSGW" as your "Home" link.
  • Bottom Left: white search entry field. Try it with "policy", scroll, and click one.
  • Bottom: Bread crumb trail. Left is older, right is new.
  • Email the co-chair, Sandy Aubin at web@fsgw.org with any requests, questions, comments and criticisms. Your opinion counts; it's the most important guide we have to the proper outcome. Your feedback can and should drive the design process.

This site is similar to a thought map, but more sophisticated. Every item is a link to click. Each may also have, in the content area below the blue background, notes like this one, other contents or links to other web pages or items. 

The centered item is the focus or "Active thought". Click on the TEXT of any other topic to center it and view further information . A topic may have a globe icon to the left of its text. This informs you there's a WWW link or attached document in its content area (that's where this message is). Click on a hyperlink (globe icon) in the content area, and a web page will open in a new tab or window.  Click on a ".PDF" file and your default program for PDF files will open it for you. Likewise with other types of documents