Name: road
Description: road, can have as aspect a, lane capacity, is a specialization of, civil component, can experience as aspect a, traffic intensity
Context of the description: civil engineering
Facts (link-label forward): road
       - can have as aspect a

                - lane capacity
       - is a specialization of
                - civil component
       - can experience as aspect a
                - traffic intensity
Facts (link-label backward): road
       - is a classifier of

                - N5
       - is a generalization of
                - dual carriageway
                - road with three separated carriageways
                - road with four separated carriageways
                - city road
                - province road
                - state road
                - carriageway
       - can have as part a
                - road exit
                - track
                - road end
                - road access
       - is a translation for
                - weg
Reference: Gellish Forum
Status: proposed
date of start: 2006-01-09
date of latest changes: 2006-01-09