Daily Mirror, 10th December 1992 (ocr)

Now Tty him for murder

Cops link brute to killings By RAMSAY SMITH and TED OLIVER

Evil pervert gets ten years or sex attacks on boy

CHILDREN were finally safe from Britain's most dangerous pervert last night.

Evil Lennie Smith was jailed for ten years for sickening sex attacks on a six-year-old boy.

But after the case, detectives who have investigated the most gruesome gang of child-killers since the Moors Murderers revealed he was a suspect in the abductions or killings of at least five boys. "Lennie Smith is a danger to all young boys," said Detective Superintendent Mick Short. "He is truly evil."

He said at least nine boys were drugged and abused by up to ten men in orgies at an East London flat. "There has to be the possibility they killed that many."

Another officer in Operation Orchid said: "We are delighted he has been jailed for ten years but we wanted him charged with murder."

Police presented a dossier of evidence linking Smith to the killing of tragic rent boy, Jason Swift, 13. during a frenzied orgy in 1985.

But the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to go ahead.

Detective Chief Superintendent Roger Stoodley, who retired two months ago, said: "We had the evidence. The lawyers should let the jury decide if Smith is guittY"

A senior Crown lawyer said: "It was all toerag stuff, cell confessions and the like. No good in court."

Mr Stoodley said: "They went on for months about the nature of our witnesses. I told them, 'I'm sorry but the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't attend this kind of party."

The Daily Mirror has compiled a separate dossier of evidence against Smith.

This includes a sworn statement from Donald Smith, in whose London flat Jason died.

He states Lennie Smith was there.

Another witness has told police he saw him help carry the boy's corpse from the flat.

Smith was convicted at the Old Bailey yesterday of buggery, gross indecency and indecent assault.

The offences came to light during a police investigation into child murders and abductions In the mid-1980s.

Smith said he would look after a woman's six-year-old son when she went into hospital. But he subjected him to a string of sex attacks.


The boy, now 14, said last night: "He wrecked my life. It was hell."

Smith was named by prosecuting counsel as the killer of fairground boy Mark Tildesley, seven, during the trial of another member of the gang. Leslie Bailey, earlier this year.

He was also linked to the abduction of Barry Lewis, six, who was snatched off a South London street in 1985.

Tragic Barry was later killed by the evil Bailey.


RAMSAY Smith and Ted Oliver have written a book, Lambs To The Slaughter, about the spate of horrific child killings and abductions of young boys - and the police investigation into them code-named Operation Orchid.

Lambs To The Slaughter is to be published in the New Year by Warner Bros.



Now try him for murder (10.12.92)