The Guardian, 15th June 1991 (ocr)

A MEMBER of a paedophile ring convicted of Involvement in the killing of Jason Swift was jailed for life at the Old Bailey yesterday for murdering a six-year-old boy after another homosexual orgy.
Judge Neil Denison told Leslie Bailey: "Anyone who has listened to what you and others did to this six-year-old child before his death can have only one reaction — a combination of sickness, horror and indeed despair that any human beings can sink to those depths."
Barry Lewis was snatched from the street in Walworth, south London, as he played with friends, taken to a council flat, drugged, stripped and buggered In turn by seven or eight men, the court beard.
He was left covered in blood and apparently dead. He only stirred the next day as 37-year-old Bailey, who had been asked to take the body away and bury it, drove the boy to Essex.
Bailey strangled him in the back of the car and buried his naked body in a foetal position in a shallow grave in a field near Waltham Abbey.
The judge had heard that Bailey is already serving a 15-year-sentence for his part in the death of 14-year-old Jason Swift, who was killed after a homosexual orgy involving mainly the same people and at the same flat on the Kingsmead estate in Hackney, east London, where Barry was taken.
Despite a widespread police hunt after Barry's disappearance and press publicity, he was not found. But in December a farmer saw a decomposed child's leg sticking out of the ground.
Pathologists discovered three different sedatives in Barry's body, including "one commonly used by homosexuals as a muscle relaxant". John Nutting, prosecuting, said the doses given would have induced unconsciousness.
Extensive police inquiries and published photographs brought forward witnesses who remembered seeing a man in the Waltham Abbey area carrying Barry as he walked along the road with a petrol can. A schools inspector who gave him a lift expressed concern about the child but Bailey said he had not been well and had just had some medicine.
Bailey Propped Barry against the petrol pump as he filled the can and then picked him up and thumbed a lift back to his car.
He later told pollce that back at the car he put a blanket over Barry's head and suffocated him. He said the boy was so drowsy he did not struggle.
Bailey and three other men were convicted of involvement in Jason Swift's death at the Old Bailey in May 1989. Bailey was jailed for a total of 15 years for manslaughter, conspiracy to commit buggery and perverting the course of justice.
In 1987 Bailey denied any involvement in Barry's death but when police re-interviewed him in prison last year he admitted what had happened.
He described running out of petrol and seeing the child's body stirring and realising Barry was still alive.
To verify his account police took him to Essex and he pointed out his route and the field where he dug the grave.
The court heard that on the day of his disappearance Barry was being looked after by a friend of his mother. He disappeared while out playing a few hundred yards from the friend's house.
Bailey, who lived with his mother and brother in Homerton, east London, had previous convictions for buggery and theft, the court heard.
His counsel, Stephen Batten QC, said Bailey was unable to comprehend the enormity of his actions but did regret them.
Barry had been "acquired" by someone else and the orgy was set up by another man.
He described Bailey as easily led. 

In 1984 he met brothers Lennie and Donald Smith

{NB We don't believe that Donald and Lennie were brothers}

and was introduced by them to homosexual gang bangs. He later met Robert Oliver and Sidney Cooke, both jailed for their involvement in Jason Swift's death. Mr Batten said: "Those meetings were far more probably responsible for his appearance [in court] today than anything inside himself."
Lennie Smith was held in custody over Jason's death before the charge was dropped through lack of evidence. He is currently serving three Years for a separate indecent assault.
Donald Smith was acquitted during the 1989 trial on the judge's directions after the Crown offered no evidence on charges of manslaughter, conspiracy to commit buggery and perverting the course of justice.


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