Grafton Close Childrens Home

Roger Gaspar, a former detective inspector who was part of the Hedgerow team, confirmed that Grafton Close – one of the care homes from where children were allegedly procured for the Elm Guest House – featured in their investigation.

He added: "There were suggestions that boys were taken to Amsterdam, but we did not have time to investigate. It was a year-long investigation and Amsterdam was one of a number of leads. We just didn't have time to look at it in detail."



Care Home Paedophile Ring: Two Men Arrested

 Wednesday 06 February 2013


Eighteen years after his death, the police are again looking at the Peter Hatton-Bornshin case, as part of a wider investigation, launched last month, into allegations that in the early Eighties a paedophile ring of VIPs preyed on boys from the Grafton Close Children’s Home.

 If the historic allegations at the heart of Operation Fernbridge are proved, they would represent one of the more sensational and disturbing Establishment sex scandals of the modern era.

Long-existing allegations of a cover-up would again have to be aired.

10 Aug 1990

It was alleged the home, run by Richmond Council, supplied boys under the age of 14 to the gay guest house during the early 1980s said to be frequented often by top MPs and judges.

Miss Mary Moss from the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC)—a London-based group which 47-year-old Mrs. Kasir turned to two years ago for help and advice—said the home's head, Mr. Neil Kier, and deputy head, Mr. John Stingemore, at that time, were part of the ring and that the latter had been convicted of child pornography in 1985 after he had left Grafton Close.




Grafton Close Children’s Home, Hanworth