Daily Express, 13th October 1987 (ocr)

POLICE investigating a major paedophile ring involving missing boys were last night guarding a flat after taking it apart piece by piece.
The flat in North London is owned by a market trader believed to be known to the police in connection with offences against young people.
It is understood that several children are currently missing in the area.
The 63-year-old flat owner was arrested on Friday morning after police broke down his front door, A source said the swoop was part of an investigation linked to a huge network of sex offences against children.
Since then police have been questioning the trader and have asked about allegations that a number of boys visited the flat.
Other police have been at the flat In a three-storey block in Kilburn, pulling up floorboards and tearing apart walls in an inch-by-inch search.
During the past four days police have taken numerous black plastic bags from the flat and loaded them into vans,
Toys, including train sets, have been found there along with six video machines and a pool table.
Last night the search was still going on.
As police ensured no one else entered the flat, neighbours discussed the man's lifestyle,
John and Judy Brennan, who live next door, have had little to do with tho man but Mr Brennan said; "He used to have Christmas parties a lot of people would go to. His door was always open."
Police are maintaining a low publicity profile in what a senior officer described as a very sensitive operation."
"Anything that is let out now might scare a lot of people off," he added.




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