Daily Express, 14th October 1987 (ocr)

POLICE investigating one of Britain's biggest child sex rings were last night trying to trace a missing 10-year-old boy.
Detectives believe that the boy, named only as Mark and who has been missing from home for over a month, could be dead.
Mark disappeared in North London where the ring was broken by a special squad of detectives as exclusively revealed in the Daily Express yesterday.
After a long surveillance on a number of addresses in North London, the search centred last night on a church charity flat which has been torn apart in an inch-by-inch search by police and forensic experts.
Police plan to examine the garden where a key figure arrested in connection with the child sex ring recently had a second ornamental fountain built.
Police inquiries continued yesterday amid a curtain of secrecy. But it is known that at least 40 children had been drawn into the paedophile ring.
They were aged between 10 and 15. Some of them have been reported missing from home. Police leading the inquiry have liaised with officers investigating other similar child sex rings in London and Croydon areas.
Some of the children traced In North London have given detailed statements to the police about visits to a 63.year• old market trader's flat.
It is believed they were allowed to play with expensive electronic video games in return for sexual favours. A pool table was also supplied.
Toys and video games have been taken from the flat.
Detectives also removed a bizarre piece of equipment specifically designed for depraved sexual activities. The market trader, believed to be known to the police in connection with offences against young people, is being held in custody as inquiries continue.
Other arrests are expected and police have reopened files on a number of missing children.




Child sex worry for lost Mark, 10 (14.10.87)