Greenlight Operations (GLO) is the visual research engine for Operation Greenlight, and includes Spotlight On Abuse (with kind permission from Murun)


Operation Greenlight was set up because we were appalled by the revelations of sexual and other abuse of children and vulnerable young people in this country spanning decades. Operation Greenlight is intended to drive awareness of the situation by providing a focused resource that links to the wealth of publicly available information relating to abuse in children’s homes and other institutions. The purpose is to alert people to be more aware in order to protect our current and future generations.

GLO is intended to help build a clearer picture of the scale of abuse that has occurred. It is searchable by name, geographic region or police operation, and the system contains clickable links to take users directly to the source material for more detailed study.


How can you help?

We are currently collecting and publishing evidence from mainstream sources.  These include press reports, local authority minutes, police operation reports and mainstream news sites.

Anyone with a spare half hour can help us find this evidence and send it to the email address below or, better still, leave it in the comment’ section for the relevant area at the website below.  

We just need links, no text or explanation required.


Contact us

Contact us by email using  or visit  and leave a message in the relevant area of Greenlight Operation.


GLO Notes

GLO is freely available to all for non-profit use.

The data is taken from various publicly available records, and provides a view of events at that time.

We do our best to ensure that references are correct and current, but since much is online and historic, it is possible that links might be removed or changed by the providers, or simply not available.

We are using automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn some images of newspaper clippings into text. Some errors will inevitably occur – please refer to the original image if in doubt.

Please contact us if you notice errors, or can provide updated references.

Articles appear in chronological order. The year appears when hovering over the 'press headline', and the numbers in front of the text represent 'month' then 'day'.


If you would like to link to GLO, either for your own use, or to include in a website, please right-click the blue screen and click ‘share’.  Alternatively, paste this link into your browser:

All we ask in return is a reference to

We would also appreciate an email note to

Spotlight on Abuse, who have kindly allowed us access to their data, are at:


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March 2013  

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