Click on the GREENLIGHT (GLO) TAB at top of screen to start navigating.


Play around with GLO, its very intuitive.

We recommend using full screen mode.

If the screen is full, slider bars will appear at sides of screen. Click and sliding will reveal more connections.


Clicking TABs will drill up, down, or across.

Your browser Back and Forward arrows will also navigate.

Follow the links to people, organisations, locations, police operations, press reports, videos, etc. 

To return to the beginning, click one of the TABs at the top of the screen.

GREENLIGHT (GLO) TAB will always take you home, if you get lost.


The white Notes area contains information and hyperlinks to more data.

Clicking the Icon at the top left of the Notes page will open links in a new window.


Type the word(s) into the search box and wait. (No need to press return) 

Clickable options will appear above, with a slider bar if there are many.


GLO contains over 1GB of data, and can sometimes be slow. Please be patient.




200216 Version 8