Using the case of applying for an externally published post (fictional) as policy advisor on the security aspects of the European Neighborhood Policy. 


A step by step approach to prepare yourself for the interview:

- start googling the concepts European Neighborhood Policy and security where you see Google Scholar hits at the top. You will also get the main institutional links as well as the main documents. Dont forget also to search google news. But there are millions of hits so you need to go further in order to develop your frame of reference.

- then go to my first webpage and search the EEAS website and search the same concept

- in order to get more structure search a third time on my website - again see the first webpage

- proceed to the page of greatest relevance, in this case on ENP where you find a clickable mindmap in addition to twitter feeds etc. 

- you then search a fourth time in the mindmap and you can see a bit more how the ENP fits into a bigger context. 

- if you have access to my handbook you can also check there to get of overall background   how the EU NeighbourhoodPolicy figures in a overall EU security context.

-  Finally I would recommend just to run through the structure of the handbook as it appears in the mind map and on the website. In this way you can get a snapshot where the NeighbourhoodPolicy might fit in. 

 in the end you might be faced with a panel of 5 to 6 people asking each one question during a half an hour period. Traditionally they would not  ask follow-up questions although this may very. Typically one of them will be not related to the substance but rather related issues.

- In most cases they would expect you to focus on structure rather than detail by outline 3-4 points as a response to each question.