See also transregional threats - a term used in the context of the EU Instrument for Stability, mainly with reference to Central Asia-Afghanistan, Latin- and Central America as well as Northern Africa. 

25 April 2012
Amb. Kelly on Transnational Threats, at OSCE Conference
OSCE Ambassadors visit Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan to discuss transnational threats
Reducing Transnational Organized Crime
Refworld | Ukraine: Information on murders and torture imputed to mafia in Ukraine. Information on links between government, banks and police on the one hand and criminal mafia-like organizations on the other hand.
Security Jam | Forums | Hybrid & transnational threats
Sex, Drugs, and Heavy Metal: Transnational Threats and National Vulnerabilities by George Shambaugh, Richard Matthew
Transnational Crime Threatens Millennium Development Goals, says UNODC Chief at Opening of 21st Session of the Crime Commission
Transnational Threats Project
Transnational crime proceeds in billions, victims in millions, says UNODC Chief
Transnational threats to international peace and security
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