Instructions for Finding Things Here

I built this catalog of our website in a product called The Brain. It is really very cool and most people find the interface very intuitive and easy to use after just a couple of minutes.


Give it a chance and you will see that you that whatever you are interest, you can find it in a matter of seconds. If you lose these instructions, just click on “Home” in the upper-left corner and it will bring you back here.


  • The screen is called “The Plex.”
  • The items on the screen are called “Thoughts.”
  • Right now you are reading the thought called “Home.” It is currently the “Active Thought.”
  • Below the Active Thought are the “Children of the Active Thought.” (Think sub-thoughts.)
  • If you click on one of those Children, it will become the new Active Thought and…

It will be in the center of The Plex.

The Parent will be above it.

Its children will be beneath it.

It’s Siblings (i.e. related thoughts) will be off to the right.

The Concept

Everything on our website is cataloged within The Brain. Whatever you are interested in is easily accessible with just a couple of clicks.

The catalog actually includes anything that we feel might be of interest to you as a horse player. This includes interesting books, blog posts, articles and even forum threads from around the web.


We have cataloged and linked items by:

  • New (the newest items cataloged)
  • Favs (the items we think are most likely to have value to you)
  • Category (think of them like chapters in a book)
  • Tags (think of them like an index in a book)
  • People (find articles that connect to a particular person of interest – e.g. Howard Sartin)
  • Series (articles which come in multiple parts)
  • Interviews (these would also link by the person – under People)
  • Products (these are about the products we sell)
  • Books (like the People list, links to articles that mention a particular book)
  • Media (references the format of the content – Article, Audio, Video)
  • All Content (Contains EVERYTHING)

A Few More Things…

To open a link in your browser…

Some Thoughts will have links to the web. To open a link in your internet browser, click the icon in the lower window (i.e. the one you are reading this document in).

The top line contains “Pins.”

Think of them like the Menu at the top of a program.

Thus, if you want click on the “New” pin, it will show you a handful of the newest items on our site.

The bottom line contains “Bread Crumbs.”

You will see that it shows the recent thoughts you have activated. You can click on them to re-activate them (i.e. bring them to the center of the Plex).

Search Box

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Just start typing in the Search Box in the lower-left corner of the Plex. Every word in every title of every document is cataloged and will show up for easy selection!