Welcome to the Interstellar Trading Simulation (ITS).


This simulation will assist you in planning trade routes by allowing you to quickly and easily navigate among bases and commodities. This document introduces you to the concepts of the simulation and explains basic navigation methods. All information within the display is known as a "thought". Thoughts are linked to parent thoughts, child thoughts, and jumps, which are explained below. Open the Options menu from the toolbar at the top of your screen. Select Preferences at the bottom of the drop down menu. Go to the Look and Feel Tab. Check the option for "Show icon when notes are present." This will display a yellow box in the bottom right hand corner of each thought if there is a note for that thought. This will allow you to minimize the notes for navigation, but alert you if there is information contained in a note for that thought.


Only the lowest cost producers are simulated. This simulation usually only shows consumer bases whose rate of return are within 10 cents per second of the highest available rate of return. A vast number of possible transactions exist which are NOT simulated. This simulation thus displays transactions that are approximately no more than 5% less profitable than the best transactions for each commodity .



To navigate through the simulation, advance from base to commodity to base, etc, by selecting the next base or commodity that you wish to use in your trade route. To start, find the base where your ship is located by beginning to type the name of the base in the search bar in the lower left of the display. When you see the name of the base appear in the dynamic search window, select it by scrolling to it with an arrow key and pressing {Enter}, or clicking the name with your mouse. The view will now re-center to place your location in the center of the display.


Commodities that you may purchase from this base are displayed as "parents" (above the name of the base). Commodities that you may sell to this base are displayed as "children" (below the name of the base). Similarly, if a commodity is the actively centered thought, then bases that sell that commodity are displayed as children of the commodity, and bases that purchase that commodity are displayed as parents of the commodity. So your navigation will generally proceed "upwards" in the display, from base to commodity to base to commodity, etc.



The size of the display may be changed by positioning your cursor on top of the active thought and scrolling the mouse wheel. The display may be dragged up or down by left-clicking in a blank area near the center of the display and dragging up or down. Moving the display may reveal hidden thoughts, so it's usually best to keep the active thought positioned at the bottom of the display. This text window may be resized by dragging it's top margin up or down, and may be minimized by double left clicking in a blank area of the main display.


"Jumps" to the left of bases provide information about the relationship of the currently active base with other concepts, such as the faction that owns a base, and its geographic location. The pinned thoughts across the top of the interface allow quick navigation between categories. The search bar may be used to dynamically search for any thought contained within this simulation. The scrolling thoughts across the bottom of the interface reflect recently activated thoughts.